I am student pursuing Masters of technology in Computer Science from SSSIHL. My areas of focus are machine learning, high performance computing and image processing. I love to write and explore on those topics. Occasionally I read and write about system software.

I am good at coding in C, C++, python and Java. I use OpenCV for image processing; CUDA, MPI and OpenMP for high performance computing and Keras, Scikit-learn and pyTorch for machine learning.

Apart from coding and computer science, I love playing table tennis and reading books written by great physcists like Stephen Hawkings, Max Tegmark and Leonard Suskind. I am fond of good music.


I have completed Bachelor of Science Honours in Mathematics and went on to complete Masters in Mathematics with specialisation in computer science. So this gives me a good blend of knowledge in computer science along with mathematics. My masters thesis is on Automatic summarisation of casually captured videos.